Ranibari Chowk Samakhushi, Kathmandu, Nepal
16th Apr, 2017

Advantages of hiring through the Recruiting agency in Nepal

We know that Recruiting agency in Nepal has lots of works to do with recruitment and bringing demand to our country. Agencies help job seekers to find out job while clients to find best candidates for vacant post.

Companies prefer to hire through the Recruiting agency because they do not want to spend time to recruiting process. As recruitment process includes hundreds of application, interview and many more. So they want to select candidate through recruiting agency.

As recruitment agency value the fame of company and candidates. Some advantages of using an agency now are;


Recruiting agency has level of expertise to exceed the human resource department. Agencies provide service that rival best qualified recruiters and employment experts, commonly at lower pricing.  They manage the process smoothly- compared to in-house staffs who are inexperience and incapable. SO, always choose agencies to hire candidates.

Saves time

Recruitment agency can save days of time sifting through the application, So that you can that time in your business.

They have managed interview system; only you have to turn up and come.

As they deal with all administrative process you will not have to worry about the processes as well notify you. In this way agency helps you to save your valuable time.

 Save your cost

Agency removes the cost of advertising vacancy advertisement. Not only this, also helps to reduce recruitment costs as agency select the best candidates for job. Reduce future hiring costs if you use recruiting agencies in Nepal, since they have knowledge of companies rule.

Improved access

A recruiting agency’s main aim is to fit best qualified candidates with potential jobs. Since agency already have good relationship with the recruiting company. It will become easier to find jobs and adjust candidates in that company. Agency assists hiring company to choose best candidates for the job and candidates to find best suited job according to his/her skills.

Landmark HR Consultant is leading recruiting agency in Nepal because it have been satisfying it’s both clients and candidates. From past many years we have been serving large clients group and thousands of candidates. So always remember us for any kinds of employment process.