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Best Recruitment agency in Nepal

When outsourcing your recruitment to an agency, it is crucial to find one which fulfills all your hiring needs. This means it should deliver on all your objectives – attracting, screening and identifying top candidates for the job. Not all recruitment agencies are created equal, so what are the key criteria when it comes to identifying the best recruitment agency in Nepal?

Landmark HR Consultant is one of the oldest and experienced recruitment agencies in Nepal. It is not without a reason that we have been dubbed the best recruitment agency in Nepal. Having worked in the field of recruiting Nepalese manpower for foreign companies since more than a decade, we have identified the key choices that an employer has to make to find the best recruitment agency in Nepal.

1. Weigh Up Your Workforce Requirements
Do you need the flexibility of temporary or seasonal staff, allowing you to take on workers as and when required? Or do you need a recruitment agency capable of finding skilled, experienced permanent workers to fill your positions on an ongoing basis? Your requirements determine which can be the best recruitment agency in Nepal for you.

2. Determine the Skill Sets Desired
If you’re looking for skilled workers, it pays to engage a specialist recruitment agency with in-depth knowledge of your industry. Or if you are looking for unskilled ones, most recruitment agencies will do. What matters is that a best recruitment agency in Nepal should always have all levels of manpower ready for employers.

3. Find What Others Say
Investigate the recruitment agency’s website and review their client lists, portfolios and testimonials to determine whether they’ve built up a solid reputation. This allows you to see how long they’ve been around, review their track record and get a sense of how well they can meet your company’s needs. This information can come in handy when comparing multiple agencies to determine the best recruitment agency in Nepal for you.

4. Are You Getting Value for Your Money?
Cost isn’t the only factor, but it’s important to know that your chosen agency can deliver affordable, cost-effective workforce solutions. Best recruitment agencies in Nepal is able to tailor-make a recruitment package to suit your company’s needs. Don’t be tempted by ‘quick and cheap’ options which cut corners and may ultimately fail to deliver.

5. Experience is the Golden Key
Choose an agency with an established presence and national reach. This allows the agency to access available talent in different places nationwide. Manpower agency in Nepal is the one with experience and hard-won expertise in sourcing top candidates with premium skills.