Ranibari Chowk Samakhushi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Manpower Agency in Nepal


As a manpower agency in Nepal, Landmark HR Consultant offers a full slate of services to help companies in the Gulf region, especially Saudi Arabia compete on the recruiting market of Nepal.

Basically, Landmark HR Consultant helps your company recruit talent from all over Nepal, whatever your manpower needs be. Be it you require skilled or semi-skilled or unskilled manpower, Landmark HR Consultant will help you and your company to recruit them. After all, we haven’t climbed to be industry leaders among manpower agencies in Nepal for nothing.

Landmark HR Consultant offers a wide range of services, activities and access to a number of Saudi Arabian Companies when it comes to manpower recruitment from Nepal. Whether you’re looking to hire construction workers, housekeepers, local aid, and any other forms of manpower, Landmark HR Consultant can help you to attract the right talent for your company.

It is no surprise if you, at this point, ask aloud- HOW??

Here is HOW!!!

  • We organize international recruitment missions for companies in Saudi Arabia. During these missions, your company representatives will meet candidates with skills that meet your needs. You can recruit directly or use our representation service as manpower agency in Nepal. The international recruitment programs as well as the preparation and supervision of participants are designed for maximum benefit to your company.
  • As the best among recruiting agencies in Nepal, we provide job posting service in Nepal for your company’s manpower needs. Any time and free of charge, you can post job openings through us.
  • We provide customized consulting for international recruitment. Do you want to know more about international recruitment? You need more information about immigrant workers or other issues? As a manpower agency in Nepal operating for a long time, we might have answers or possible solutions for you.
  • We have international recruitment Information and reference portal for your service. It is one of the features that set us apart from other manpower  recruitment agencies in Nepal. Landmark HR Consultant has a portal that provides valuable information to help you recruit the best talent for your Saudi Arabian Company. The website has a comprehensive guide for employers in Gulf region who want to recruit foreign workers.
  • We have our reputation to uphold. Since the beginning of the era since when Nepalese manpower started going to gulf regions for jobs, we have been working as a manpower in Nepal. In this long period, we have assimilated respect and reputation we are not ready to stake for any amount of money. So, we provide our services with utmost professionalism and dedication.
  • And lastly, among all manpower agencies in Nepal, Landmark HR Consultant has biggest network. Be it a network of candidates, Saudi Arabian job providers or be it a network comprising of every individual manpower agency in Nepal, we have it all.

We as a responsible manpower agency, always make every effort for excellence in service and trust in accomplishment. Our goal not only is to work for monetary success but also for the success of the people who have trust in us.