Ranibari Chowk Samakhushi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Recruitment Agencies in Nepal

The more technology advances and develops man becomes global, the more it is becoming closer to the concept of one family. In today’s world of competition, success comes to those who are willing to go one step further. This thing can be observed from a land locked but aimed high nation; Nepal. The brave people of Nepal are willing to serve the family of human being anywhere in the world. The recruitment agencies in Nepal are also willing to accept challenge of giving the required manpower within the minimum time. Being the home town of Mount Everest, their hearts are willing to serve any cast, color and creed. This is evident from our history.
The literacy rate of Nepal is increasing incrementally each year and we are capable to vie the world demand of human resource. The competitive edge of Nepalese manpower supplier is the economical workers with added advantage of disciplined and literate youth. The recruiting process of Recruitment agencies in Nepal is swift and highly professional. We use all means of modern recruitment and pay special focus on legal perspective of documentation. We try to give the best working force to the world.

The success of Nepalese workers did not come in days .It is the hard work of years. This trust is earned in years. Land mark is among the hundreds of manpower supply agencies from Nepal .Our journey started since 2008 and after that we never have looked back. The eligibility of supplier can be checked from http://www.nafea.org.np/members. Most of the human resource suppliers like to be considered a legal manpower recruiting agency in Nepal. This fair competition might be the cause of the efficiency and this world of ours is in the need of efficiency to save time and money.

From low tech to mid tech manpower and to some extent in high tech, you just give order for manpower and you will hear a positive response from us because we are really working hard to fulfill the world’s demand. We can provide you doctors of diverse specialization, engineers of the required faculty, accountants, teachers, architects, technicians of diverse fields, skilled manpower of innumerable fields and semi-skilled labor for almost any type of work i.e., mason, carpenter , iron men etc. Nepalese are famous for their bravery and they prefer for security personnel services.

In the above mentioned website the data of all the registered recruitment agencies in Nepal is available in chronological sequence. Just match your required needs and let us know. We really have many intricate details of specialization available as one of the leading manpower supply agencies from Nepal. Nepalese manpower has very good start worldwide for the service of mankind and with the time they will keep on giving their best to the world.