Ranibari Chowk Samakhushi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Recruitment agency in Nepal

As most of us know by now, unemployment is not easy either for you or for people close to you. Having to go through tons of job advertisements and applying to them and then receiving no feedback. This is really difficult. What makes this difficult even more is falling into traps of scammer recruitment agency in Nepal. There are so many different types of recruitment scams out there run by crooks. These scammers have really given bad name to each and every employment agencies.

Landmark HR Consultant is a premier top Manpower agency in Nepal. In last decade, we have sent hundreds of thousands of Nepalese manpower for foreign employment and hence remittance. We are industry leaders among the manpower supply agencies from Nepal when it comes to recruiting manpower for companies in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Landmark HR Consultant works closely with the foreign companies that require any level of manpower. By our dedicated service and rigorous selection process, we have become the most trusted among manpower supply agencies from Nepal for any foreign company.

There are some identifying points to look out for when you think you feel unsure of your recruitment agency in Nepal.

Once you have seen an advert on newspapers, social media and job portals, google the company that placed the advert – if it is a relevant organization there would be a registered website with company information. Does the company have a physical address?

Do your Research!!
When you have been contacted by a Recruitment Consultant of recruitment agency in Nepal, the first thing they would like to do is invite you in and discuss the future market. If, geographically, you are not able to attend a face to face interview, the consultant would generally do a telephonic or Skype screening with you. Genuine recruitment agency in Nepal will be open to you and will not play any secrecy games.