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6th Aug, 2021

5 Most Important Things You Must Know Before Going to Dubai for Jobs from Nepal

Dubai is a great place to work. It offers high salaries and low taxes. This makes it a popular destination for those looking for big money. It is important to remember that Dubai is an Arab country, located within a Muslim nation. Because tradition and law are highly valued, anyone who lives or works in Dubai must know exactly what to expect.

Here are five things to remember if you want to find a job in Dubai within the next few years.

  1. Illegal Premarital Relationships

Dubai has a low crime rate due to the strict laws and severe punishments for those who break them. One of these laws, sex outside marriage, can be applied to visitors and ex-pats from all countries. Even if your partner has been married for many years, it is illegal to live in Dubai with your partner, even if they have lived together for decades. This law can lead to you being deported and jailed. This is something you should consider before you start your search for work in Dubai.

  1. Public displays of affection are rarely tolerated

Similar to the previous point, while it is acceptable to hold hands (if you are married), hugging and kissing are strictly forbidden in public. However, dancing is permitted in your home or licensed clubs. But it is prohibited in public. It is highly offensive for men to take pictures of women without their permission, harass them sexually or verbally, or just randomly talk to them. These are the expectations for men who are looking for work in Dubai.

  1. It is very conservative to wear clothing

Dubai is considered liberal, but it still adheres to conservative dress codes. If you wear transparent, low-cut, or short clothes, please leave them at home. Women must also cover their stomachs, shoulders, and backs when they go out in public. All underwear must be hidden from view and men should cover their chests. These rules are easier to follow at the beach or in hotels’ swimming pools, but it is still a no-no for anyone who wants to sunbathe. No matter what job you have in Dubai, you must be modest in your attire.

  1. Islam Values must be respected

Muslims pray five times per day. This is when mosques call them through their speaker systems. You mustn’t listen to any music during this time so that the daily prayers can be offered. It is important to remember that Ramadan is a time when you are prohibited from smoking, drinking, listening to loud music, or dancing in daylight. You can’t let anything in your body. Not even your finger. So no picking your nose, or nail-biting. These rules can be broken and you could face severe punishments, even for non-Muslims who live or work in Dubai.

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Any disrespect towards religious beliefs or practices can result in heavy fines and imprisonment. All religions are accepted in Dubai and can be followed by ex-pats living there. An aversion toward other religions and cultures is perhaps the biggest misconception people have about the Middle East.

  1. Alcohol Consumption & Inebriation Is Illegal in Public

Although it is prohibited to consume alcohol in Islam, this wasn’t always the case. At first, Muslims were not allowed to drink alcohol during prayer. Then, years later, the Qur’an declared that “intoxicants” and “games of chance” were “abominations to Satan’s handiwork.” Muslims were then ordered to abstain. Public consumption and inebriation are prohibited in Islam. However, it is legal for non-Muslims to consume alcohol in licensed premises as long as they have their liquor licenses. Non-Muslim residents will need a liquor license to be able to consume alcohol at home. The license you receive is valid only in the Emirate where you applied.

Although you can buy and consume alcohol in licensed bars and hotels, it doesn’t affect the law beyond those doors. If you leave the premises, it is strongly recommended that you immediately get into a taxi. Before you work in Dubai, it is important to be aware of this law if you are a drinker or like to have a glass of wine at the end.

Dubai’s legal drinking age is 21. However, this is not the case in all Emirates. Abu Dhabi, for example, has an 18-year-old legal drinking age. However, a bylaw allows hotels to only serve alcohol to people over 21. Sharjah is a place where drinking is strictly prohibited. It is important to mention that U.A.E. passengers are not allowed to drink while they travel through Sharjah. You could be arrested if you are under the influence of alcohol. Don’t drink too much on your international flight.

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