Bashundhara Chowk, Basundhara 03, Kathmandu, Nepal
16th Apr, 2017

Essentials of a Successful Recruiting System

Many predicted that recruitment agencies would become moot with an introduction to the internet and social media. They could not have been more wrong because the internet and social media are two of most powerful recruitment tools. However, the fact that competition among recruitment agencies is very high these days and those in Nepal are not exempt.

Recruitment agencies in Nepal are coming with new recruitment systems to address the needs of a diverse pool of candidates and equally diverse needs of the hiring company. So, what makes a good recruiting system? How do you choose which system to adopt? To help you explore the options when it comes to choosing a top recruitment agency in Nepal out there, Landmark Manpower Solution has compiled a checklist of the 10 qualities you should look for when making a decision.

  • Recruiting systems aren’t one-size fits all. A good recruiting system is one that fits the specific needs of your organization.  So if you are looking for a top recruitment agency in Nepal, choose one that uses systems which fits your business’ needs.
  • The hiring process is best accomplished by a hiring team. As such, the top recruitment agency in Nepal should have a system that offers the most effective ways for your team to prepare for interviews, share their candidate evaluations and work together to reach a decision.
  • A good recruiting system is one that creates a positive user experience for everyone that uses it. The user experience should be satisfying and worthwhile to both the candidates and your company. Get a recruiter who can do that.
  • Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great tools for sourcing talent, particularly those who aren’t actively looking for a new job. Top recruitment agency in Nepal is one that seamlessly integrates with social media and allows you to leverage the recruiting power of social networks.
  • Last, but not least, when choosing top recruitment agency in Nepal, look for one that is capable of providing useful data, reports and recommendations. This makes further recruitment attempts much simpler and convenient for you.
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