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How is Manpower Agencies in Nepal contributing for Overseas Companies?

Continent Asia is world domination because of its massive land, natural resources, and Human resources. There are several reasons for this point of view. The average birth rate of developed countries is gradually decreasing and the result is that the gap is fulfilled by Asians by supplying manpower. Nepal is a renowned south Asian country and she is trying hard to fulfill the world demand of manpower within affordable rates. There are huge numbers of manpower agencies in Nepal contributing overseas companies by recruiting perfect manpower for them.

Vital Role of Manpower agencies in Nepal for Developing Foreign Companies:

The work of Manpower agencies in Nepal is from screening to interviewing and verifying the educational and practical qualification and sending the report to their clients. There is a boom in south Asian countries especially Nepal for the manpower supply of students to the developed countries. There is no dearth of variety in manpower supply agencies in Nepal. There is ever increasing demand of skilled, semi skilled and unskilled manpower because of cheap labor and this is the competitive advantage of Nepal over other countries in manpower supply.

Like any professionally developed country Nepalese manpower supply is also equipped with training and development facility, overseas export, manpower export facility. Nepalese manpower supply is contributing towards the economy by giving tax as well as helping country receive foreign exchange reserves from their brand ambassadors to the world.

There is a trend of specializing in niches of manpower and Nepal is also following this trend. This is good for their clients as well as to their country fellow to finding jobs. Skilled labor is also divided into various categories and training and development of each category increase the worth of manpower agency by supply the required manpower demand. The margin of profit and the number of orders increases much fold with the passage of time by making specializing in a specific area. There is still a great demand of security personnel man and Nepal can make focus in this area with little training and development.

The need of the time is to work for the betterment of manpower. There should be more accommodation for the on work damages for the worker’s health and ensure more to their life for the betterment of humanity and for the future of Nepalese manpower business.