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11th Jun, 2017

Insurance Policy for Foreign Employment by Government of Nepal

Foreign countries have been a great attraction for the Nepalese Youngster for the foreign employment. Thousands of Nepalese are working in the gulf countries. Many of them have been looted or have lost their body while working in other countries. So the Government of Nepal has implemented the policy of Insurance for workers for Foreign employment. Insurance is essential for the workers who want to go to work in foreign countries. Manpower Agency in Nepal is here to help you to solve your problems.

Let’s see the Life Insurance policy for Foreign Employment:

  1. While going to foreign work, workers should take the insurance paper with them.
  2. Without pre-approval of the Insurance Committee, there is no chance of changing the insurance policy.
  3. The insurance paper should not be done for the workers who are going to work in the Country that the Government has restricted.
  4. Once you have done the insurance that you begin from that day including the danger.
  5. To minimize the risk of danger, you can request to cancel the insurance paper paying Rs. 25 and should return to the person. But in case if the risk has started insurance paper cannot be canceled.
  6. If the bearer person demand for the copy of Insurance paper, Company should provide the copy charging Rs 25
  7. The Insurer should provide the Insurance to the Person via the Company office nearer to the person.
  8. Insurance fee should be as per below inclusions

Table 1

Fees For Life Insurance policy for Foreign Employment

(5 Lakhs Insurance)

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Duration of Insurance                                               Age Group
18 to 35 years 36 to 50 years 51 to 64 years above 65 years
1 year 1025 1500 3500                           As per the Company rule
2 years 1825 2500 5000
3 years 2430 3400 6400
4 years 3050 4200 8300
5 years 3550 4900 10000