Bashundhara Chowk, Basundhara 03, Kathmandu, Nepal
5th Dec, 2017

Manpower Agency in Nepal for Oman

There are lots of manpower agency in Nepal for Oman, among them, Manpower Supply is one of the renowned recruitment agency situated in Kathmandu. This company is works following every rules and regulation by Government of Nepal. Till date, this Manpower Company has been flourishing to please the difficulty of different Gulf countries including Oman for their manpower recruiting service.

At Manpower supply, we endeavor to go along with our client’s expectations. We are approachable to current and basic requirements along with anticipating upcoming requirements. Our main focus is based on providing high-quality manpower services superior providing the maximum value to the clients.

Dedicated Manpower company in Nepal For Oman

The manpower company based in Nepal can offer Professional, Skilled, semiskilled and unskilled labors based on the requirements of the recruitment companies overseas. The main aim of this Company is to come up with the best and timely services to the company in Gulf countries. The employees provided by this recruiting organization in Nepal are suggested to be well performed and comply with the current rules and policy of the recruitment countries.

We work for the welfare of our clients and always carry out an interview for the selection of the competent and the best applicants giving its total awareness to gratify the job in demand. Till date, we have not received any complaints from the overseas about the services offered by this manpower agency. To help a good connection particularly with the hiring countries, our key aim is always to come up with the finest service to the company.

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Why us Manpower Supply?

Manpower supply is approved by the Government recruits for foreign employment for overseas company next to vacancies offered by them. We make a straight call and discuss with the overseas company for offering the vacancies in the different job post.

Our most necessary plus point is our staffs. We are familiar and balance our staffs that demonstrate wonderful presentation and energetically support our expedition for brilliance. We build up our staff’s talent by encouraging and providing them good training opportunities. You can completely trust our employees and they are sincere, consistent, careful and hard-working.

We support them to make a plan and follow the surroundings where all our employees take pleasure in working together as a team. Our manpower agency in Kathmandu always stays ahead to employ the dedicated people in our company. At Manpower supply, self- growth, and support are extremely encouraged.

We facilitate our customers with outsourcing services based on the job types. For this circumstance mainly in the fields of large-scale recruitment with high paying salary, we come up with the companies that are comfortable and provide the maximum benefits to our clients.

Connect with manpower recruitment agency in Nepal

Till now our recruitment agency has successfully provided over 10000 Nepalese workers to various companies of the Oman. In coming days, Manpower Supply aims to bring in skilled and unskilled, semi-skilled, highly -skilled and professional manpower to different parts of Gulf countries. Our understanding and proficiency in this area of employment can be productively helpful to the employees working all over the world.

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For more details about the services we offer, please stay comfortable to visit our office or contact us in your desired time. The services of our honest, truthful and beloved candidate will help to improve the business to the host company too, based on the verified moral and efficiency. The manpower company, Manpower Supply is well-recognized in the area of organizing and putting up the high standard in trade for a supply of requirements of devoted workers who work for the welfare of overseas companies.