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1st Dec, 2017

Manpower agency in Nepal for Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for job opportunity in Saudi Arabia? Great!! You have come to the right place. Manpower supply is reliable manpower agency in Nepal for Saudi Arabia recognized under the Department of Labor, the government regulatory body for the recruitment companies. This manpower company is initiated by the leading experts in the area of manpower services, in counter to the ever-growing requirement for the optimum and most reliable skills in different fields.

Our honest work and services along with the vital advice to support the finest representation of Nepalese employees overseas are the basic principles that stimulated the founding of this manpower agency.

With on-the-job understanding in Nepal employment over past few years, Manpower Supply of very rigid competition is above ever self-assured in its capability to work successfully with its customers. We aim to discover the job opportunities for Nepalese manpower, keeping up their job and service in overseas.

Main objectives of Manpower Supply For Companies in Saudi Arabia

  • To encounter the requirement of high-quality professional in overseas companies
  • To guide an unskilled person to boost their skills in the required field.
  • To supply to maximize the countries job opportunities.
  • To enhance countries economy via the remittance.

Right from the start, the manpower agency in Kathmandu focuses on the employment of factory employees, Security Guards, IT expert, skilled, semiskilled and unskilled manpower. Over twenty thousand Nepalese employees were deployed to Saudi Arabia till date.

The employment opportunity towards the Gulf countries that includes Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, also has gone beyond ten thousand in numbers. They are one of the top destination and our manpower agency is looking ahead to develop a good status with the companies in those countries.

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Manpower agency in Nepal For Saudi Arabia Companies comes to your help

Relevant to its ability and good record with Ministry of Labor, Department of Labor, the Government agencies are adaptable for the employment of Nepalese workers in the companies abroad. Here, Manpower Supply is recognized as one of the most reliable and best recruitment agency in Nepal that has provided employment opportunity to different companies of Saudi Arabia.

Our values are relevant to the idea of excellence and pace which can be best attained by the one with knowledge in the trade. We have a well skilled, diligent and dedicated HR consultant which facilitates you with the prospect to exhibit its competence and it’s perspective.

From the establishment of our Manpower Recruitment Company, we have been offering different types of the employee to different companies of Saudi Arabia that includes non-skilled labors to semiskilled trade persons to expert & highly skilled professional. This has built our trust in overseas companies as well.

Connect with Manpower supply to take your career up in Saudi Arabia

We enclose a devoted HR consultant team who is always available to offer the best rank of Manpower services to both workers and company, determined to meet up brilliance standard by accepting the desires and necessities of our valuable clients. We have always assured to employ the essential manpower services to our clients based on their preferred time frame, which will facilitate them to achieve their mission on their desired time.

Manpower supply agency has sent out thousands of professionals from Nepal to different Gulf countries counting Saudi Arabia. We have never negotiated on excellence and have productively attained a great number of clients’ gratitude ensuing in a durable and strong relationship as we work hard and make the best to put in wide-ranging information to encounter our clients’ qualifications and exploit their pleasure. Our clients can completely depend on us as we will never let them regret their decision and promise to make them completely easy in the future as well.