16th Apr, 2017

Qualities of a Good Manpower Recruitment Agency

There are many Recruitment Agencies in Nepal with varying rates, terms and conditions. With the ever growing economy, agencies are doing a great job of addressing manpower needs in Nepal and beyond. They specialize in sourcing quality personnel for companies through linking them to suitable job seekers as per the specific need.

Recruitment agencies should be the perfect partner for a company or job seeker. This is because the search for personnel and jobs commands a good working relationship between the employer or job seeker and the staffing agency. Picking the right recruitment agency in Nepal is tricky for local and international clients.

 7 Top Qualities of a Good Manpower Recruitment Agencies in Nepal:

1. Relationship building skills.

Recruitment agencies are like some sort of a bridge linking employers and jobseekers. A good agency should be in a position to build and cultivate working relationships. This makes them good connectors. They ought to build trust in present and future clients.

 2. Listening  Skills

Listening is a therapy in itself. Both the companies in need of personnel and candidates seeking employment have inner felt needs. A good agency takes their time to listen and understand the client’s expectations. Listening ensures that the needs are addressed in an effective manner.

3. Confidence

The staffing agency should be confident in giving information on their services and advice for it to build the confidence and trust of its clients. If they are unsure about what they offer and other information regarding jobs, then they could be unscrupulous hence not suitable to work with.

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4. Communication

A genuine recruitment agency in Nepal has a human resource and customer service structures in place. This is to enhance effective communication and updates through emails, phones or face to face. This way a client’s concerns are well addressed and on time.

5. Marketing Skills

These skills are very essential for any result oriented manpower recruitment agency. This is because their major role is to promote services to employers and job seekers alike. if they do not have negotiation skills which form an integral part of marketing ,then  such is not a efficient agency.

6. Time Management

In the business world, time is money.  Every client loves timely results hence recruitment agencies should be good at time management. This is to ensure that employers get the right personnel and job seekers secure jobs within a reasonable period of time.

7. Legal compliance

Every business venture should operate within the legal requirements of a given locality, or country. This is an assurance that the services offered are   legal.  A recruitment agency which is licensed upholds high standards of ethics and conduct hence protecting clients. The quality of services is bound to be high and satisfactory as compared to agencies which are unapproved.

There are several recruitment agencies in Nepal which address manpower needs in a professional way. They can be accessed physically or online. The aforementioned qualities will help you screen and find the best manpower recruitment agency in Nepal