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2nd Nov, 2017

2017 High Profile Jobs in Dubai

In today’s market Dubai, the city of United Arab Emirates is well known for the fastest growing city in the world and because of it thousands of high profile jobs in Dubai or much more attractive job vacancies in Dubai are available in an opening on a daily basis. Owner of the companies, they don’t have got too much time to recruit manpower for their companies so, the recruitment agencies from Nepal were helping them with recruiting process. Different and of jobs were offered in the organization of Dubai in various categories and it can be skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled.

All around the globe people desire to visit Dubai as their working and travel destination. The city occupies many world-renowned companies and the per capita income of the UAE is also high in the comparison of many other developed countries. Latest economic statistic data shows that UAE has got nearly $47,500 Per Capita (PPP). The largest number of vacancies were generated because of the divine development going on in Dubai and vacancies were announcing daily for hiring in various categories.

Some of the High Profile Jobs in Dubai or Dubai job Vacancies in 2017:

  • Asst. Business Development Manager
  • Project Controls Manager – Oil and Gas
  • Purchase Assistant
  • Electromechanical QC Engineer – Dubai Municipality
  • QC Civil Inspector – Dubai Municipality Approved
  • Navision Technical Consultant
  • Business Development Executive
  • Buyer / Procurement Executive – One Month Contract
  • Pitching and Marketing Executive
  • Landscape Engineer
  • Business Analyst/ Budget Controller
  • Pharmacist
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Central Command Centre Operator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Senior Proposals Manager (Facilities Management)
  • Technical Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Receptionist cum Administrator / Marketing Assistant
  • Radiographer
  • Arabic Front Desk
  • HR Manager
  • Senior Data Architect
  • Medical Transcription Coordinator
  • Female Personal EMS Fitness Trainer
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These are the few of the jobs listed here you can find out much more job Vacancies in Dubai regarding your field. This city gives employment to hundreds of people daily so, it represents that there isn’t any lack of job over there. To find the job you must be smart and active and if there’s any trouble finding a job then simply contact Renowned Recruitment Agency in your local area they will help you to get hired.

Final Touch,

Overviewing the economic information about Jobs in Dubai we simply have got some ideas that Dubai seems to be the globe job destination to earn a high income. We can find desired jobs according to our own career categories which suit us or as per our qualification and potentials.