19th Oct, 2022

Important things to do during the interview for interviewers.

Below are some points to consider while taking the interview:

  • Warm greetings

No matter whether your interview is over the phone, face-to-face, or virtual, you should always smile at your candidate. Introduce yourself to the candidate and the company you represent so that they feel comfortable and ready to share. Your background, experiences, and career path will help them to feel at ease.

  • Conduct an interview

A productive interview is possible when you have the right tools and preparations. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce if you have questions about your interviewing skills. A job agency can also be helpful.

  • Set clear expectations

It is important to identify and map all stages and steps. Candidates should be able to understand and communicate where they are about the next stakeholders, assessments, or paperwork. As needed, the candidate can review each stage and answer questions.

  • Job review

You should go further than what is listed in the job advertisement to describe the position in detail so that candidates can decide if it is the right job for them. If you are a manpower recruitment agency in Nepal then you should clearly explain to them the job responsibility. It is important to explain what their main duties will be and how they will cope with the working conditions. Also, indicate whether the job is a permanent, contract, or for a temporary period.

  • Search for Blind Spots

Before going into the interview, read through job descriptions and employer objectives. This will allow the interviewer to find any missing or required information.

  • Provide candidates with an opportunity to ask questions
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Not only should you be able to answer all questions, but also know everything about the job and your expectations. You should give applicants the chance to ask questions, and also pose your questions. This will help them determine if they are right for the job and company. They can help you assess whether they are ready for an interview and if they are interested.

  • Choose your questions carefully

It is easy to overlook asking the right open-ended questions. You should ask the right questions. It’s easy for candidates to skip asking the right questions. Have a few questions ready to go and follow-up questions. These questions should include information about the candidate’s background, career goals, experience in the industry, job duration, past roles, achievements key industry metrics.

You can also ask questions about what the candidate values about their former employer, why they are choosing you, and why they are interested in a change of scenery.

  • Please provide a timeline

Always provide an estimate of how long it will take until the final selection at the interview. It is important to let candidates know when they would like feedback regarding the end of the process. Interviews should always include an estimate of the period until final selection. Please indicate when candidates wish to receive feedback about end-time results and the next phase of the recruitment process.

  • Identify the Candidate’s Body Language

Your body language is very important and can speak volumes. An applicant can tell if you are speaking online, by phone, or in person, if you are willing to help, your professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm. You must be aware that posture, dress, voice, punctuality, and tone of voice are not all one-sided. Body language is critical and can be more important than verbal communication. A candidate’s comfort level can be determined by how they move, sit, and even their body language.

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An applicant will be able to tell whether you are talking online, over the telephone, or in person if they feel your professionalism and enthusiasm. It is important to realize that posture and dress code, tone, voice, punctuality, etc., are not always one-sided.