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16th Apr, 2017

Avoid These Recruitment Mistakes

While recruiting, Recruiting Agencies in Nepal may mistreat, misbehave to valued clients and candidates hampers the name and fame of the company. As the Proverb says”There is hand of women behind every successful man.”Similarly, there is coherent work of delivering qualitative and quantitative results behind every company’s success.

To avoid recruitment mistakes one should avoid following such mistakes:

  • Limit the communication gap:

Communication gap between the hiring managers, HR and Recruiting Agencies in Nepal is the main reason for delayed recruitment process. If the Recruiting agency in Nepal does not have up to date communication then agencies will get mixed information. Agency will provide such mixed information to the candidates, resulting failure in the hiring process.

  • Poorly organized interview Process:

Interview is the final process of selecting the best candidates for the vacant post. Thus, interview can be tough than candidates imagination and Recruiting agency in Nepal. Interview takes lots of time and effort. So Agencies should make well organized interview process with organized company representative and agencies representative.

  • Not supplying proper feedback:

Well, we know that making candidates wait for long time makes candidates really frustrating. So Recruiting agency in Nepal should be able to provide proper feedback to the candidates by getting required information from clients or company representative.

Getting proper information from the company helps the Recruiting agency in Nepal to provide essential feedback about the jobs. This results in the top performance of the agencies. Thus, company and recruiting agencies both should give essential feedback to the candidates and avoid recruitment mistakes.

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