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16th Apr, 2017

Are you choosing Your Recruitment Agency Well?

Choosing Your Recruitment Agency well is a difficult job in itself?

Recruiting quality candidates is one of the most important responsibilities of a hiring manager. For companies that hire foreign manpower, this responsibility is very important and complicated. Choosing a qualified recruitment agency makes the job much easier. And Landmark HR consultant, best recruitment agency in Nepal, we understand perspectives of both the company and candidates.

You should choose only the top recruitment agency in Nepal for such job. A recruitment agency whose approach and values complement your own organization can be very good for you. So you should learn how to choose the top recruitment agency in Nepal well. This way, you will develop effective selection criteria that best meets your hiring needs. And then you can filter the best recruitment agency in Nepal for you.

So what questions should you ask in your search of top Recruitment Agency in Nepal?

Experts at Landmark Manpower Solution Says:

  • Who will be working my Project?

In many agencies, you will talk to the senior consultant about your needs. S/he will then pass it to junior consultant for processing. That consultant is not involved with you and may not feel motivated to do the job properly. So ask the agency who will be handling the project. If the person you talked to will be working for you, choose that agency. Such focus will make them the best recruitment agency in Nepal for you.

  • How long have you been at the job of recruiting?

Statistically, recruitment agencies have the reputation of being a high turnover business. Statistics show that the average tenure of a recruiter is anywhere from 18 to 36 months. Ask your recruitment agency how long they have been in the business? Check if they appear to have a successful history in the business? In recruitment business, experience and history is everything. If they satisfy you, they will be the top recruitment agency in Nepal for you.

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When you choose to work with a recruitment agency, they will send some candidates your way. Check if you are meeting quality candidates or not. Make sure you focus on these things about the candidates:

  • Has the candidate shown steady career progression?
  • Has the candidate jumped around a lot, without credible reasons?
  • Do they have quantifiable accomplishments (i.e. measurable results) or their experience is expressed in vague terms?
  • Do they know about your position and company?

If your recruitment agency is not sending candidates that don’t have satisfactory results, you are not being served well. It’s time to step up your search for best recruitment agency in Nepal and switch.