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16th Apr, 2017

Cost & Impacts of a Bad Manpower Supply Agency Choice

Companies these days are focused on qualified and skilled Human Resources. Such is the reason why labor (manpower) is considered the most basic factor of production these days. Other three factors are entrepreneurship, land (physical assets) and money (capital). Choose wisely trustworthy manpower supply agency in Nepal for recruiting manpower. Hiring decisions these days are based not on what the candidate can do but will do. Similarly, firing decisions are being increasingly based on what s/he did not do rather than what s/he did.

We live in the age where companies use manpower supply agency for Hr recruitment. Not only does this practice save company time and money, this also opens up access to best manpower in foreign markets. With the high demand for Nepalese manpower in Gulf region, manpower supply agencies are increasing in Nepal. Among such agencies is the industry leader, Landmark HR Consultant, best manpower supply agency in Nepal to the Middle Eastern region.

Today, we will look into the costs and impacts the companies face when they make a poor choice. A poor choice they make in selecting manpower supply agency in Nepal to fulfill their hiring needs. A good manpower recruitment agency in Nepal can be a boon for companies abroad. When companies select substandard agencies, they are faced with more problems and even more expenditure in correcting such poor choice.

Cost and Impacts of a Choosing Bad Manpower Supply Agency in Nepal:

  • Use of underperforming manpower directly means a sharp decline in productivity of other workers and company as a whole.
  • If the new hire is in revenue-generation or revenue impact position, poor performing manpower supplied by bad manpower supply agencies in Nepal will result in loss of revenue.
  • There will be repeated cases of errors and mistakes. There will be more accidents. This will be a loss for the company and will also cause lower customer retention.
  • Hiring weaker employees sends a message to the market about your company position getting weaker. This will create a competitive disadvantage and the company might start its decline phase.
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Such potential pitfalls can be easily avoided. As a company looking for Manpower Supply Agencies in Nepal, you should focus on track record and experience. A good manpower supply agency in Nepal like Landmark HR Consultant can help you with fulfilling your hiring needs while you can have a peace of mind