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16th Apr, 2017

Recruitment Agency as Promoters? Is it possible?

Many wrongly predicted that recruitment agencies and manpower supply agencies would go out of business. We see that they are blooming and booming day by day. Historically, many companies did not use recruitment agency in Nepal but because of multifaceted advantages, this trend has disappeared.

A step up from what used to be, recruitment agencies in foreign countries are frequently used these days to recruit diverse manpower. With globalization turning this world into a small village, this trend was not entirely unexpected.

Possibilities of Recruitment Agencies as Promoters in The Scenario of Nepal

Landmark Manpower Solution is the industry leader among manpower supply agencies from Nepal. Working the Nepali market for a long time, Landmark recruits Nepalese manpower for more than 50 companies. Landmark works closely with companies of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (esp. Dubai).

Nowadays, Recruitment Agency as Promo helps to boost your image and in overall, raise your profile. Promotion is a very important part of any business. This can be done through either your own methods, or by working in partnership with a Recruitment Agency in Nepal.

Here at Landmark, we promote the companies that we work with (even more so the companies we partner with) on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. We are always highlighting to everyone why we choose to work with these employers, what makes them special and we promote them by any medium we see appropriate (including verbal endorsement, our website, our blog, our monthly newsletter and email marketing and so on).

For our most trusted partner companies in Gulf Countries, we create a profile for them our website, in which we summarize their businesses and highlight the job vacancies they have.

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It is our guarantee that if companies use a good recruitment agency in Nepal like Landmark, the recruitment process will be smoothly conducted with your minimal inputs. So, always remember us for any kinds of foreign employment works.