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16th Apr, 2017

Double Check Procedure of Manpower Recuitment in Nepal

Science has made a big impact on us. We want to do everything scientifically. After seeing copious cases,it is a hypothesis to follow psychology guidelines along with traditional selection procedures for the manpower recruitment of work force. Every successful organization knowingly or unknowingly follow this procedure. It is said that it requires two to clap. The same procedure applies here. The organization’s culture along with worker’s attitude and aptitude give us the motivational power to work for the betterment of organization. The question arises how can we select the best worker or manager for the organization for short term or for the long term purpose.

This double check procedure is little bit costly and can be useful for long term employee selection. We have to first choose whether the environment of organization is flexible or not. The recruitment process should be according to the environment of Manpower organization. If the culture of organization is rigid then the manpower should be informed about it before hiring and if the environment is flexible then hiring should be done accordingly. Now the independent variable is manpower and the selection of manpower is planned according to the environment. Now, there arises the question. How to select the right manpower for the organization? Because it is easy to change manpower then to change the whole organization culture and norms. The answer is through double check process.

Through interview and through previous work experience, we can assess the potential of a man. But to develop a man for long term purpose in an organization,the value proposition of  the very man and that of the organization should match properly. Otherwise, mismatching occurs which causes disturbances for the recruiting organization. The selection committee should use double selection procedure. First of all,it should conduct interview and written tests to check the general aptitude of the candidate. If the candidate falls within the requirement of the organization the it should do special psychological evaluation test after the regular selection of employees.

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This special psychological test is usually conducted by specialists who are specially designed to conduct these type of tests. Those organization who want exceptional manpower can do these type of tests. Higher management should be passed through this procedure to check their skill level. Higher management’s one good decision throughout the year can make or break the organization.So, special focus be given to it. These tests include personality evaluation tests. These tests give us the glimpse of the personality of the candidate but not the whole picture. But the experienced interviewer can infer a lot from the test. One word substitution test within a given time gives a beautiful image of the unconscious being of a man. Different words are repeated but a little time is given. A man cannot deceit in this type of test easily. Other tests include simulation and group discussion tests.

All the tests given for a long period can assess the stress acceptance level of the employee. This technique is called double check because in the beginning of traditional screening test the candidate views about himself/herself are asked and these views are doubled checked through a series of different psychological tests. Now we are in a good position to select a sensitive position for our organization.