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16th Apr, 2017

The Vision of Global Manpower Planning

In the corporate world, competition matters a lot, but sometimes competitors meet together to find solution to the same goal. Unemployment is also a global problem with no doubt at all. This article aims at finding the solution at global level. We will try to observe our way of analyzing the pros and cons of our shortsightedness of planning.

Every country is dedicated to eradicate poverty and conducts census and surveys to analyze the strength and weakness of her man power. Country should help its citizen to become able to set smart (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time oriented) goals. Well we cannot argue the sincerity of governments work regarding the issue. Each government has made a separate ministry to do this work. Countries rarely achieve the goal of removing unemployment. One can do what one can do. All the work of the world cannot be done by few people. Neither all people are specialized to do all work, nor capable of doing it.

The problem arises with the education. There is a rush of universities all over the world. All have multiple disciplines. Some disciplines are commercially viable while others are not. The result is the beginning of unemployment. The ultimate of many universities and colleges is to produce maximum number of students. In most parts of the world, there is no connection and inter-connectivity between university and industry in terms of demand and supply. Innovations in various disciplines should be cultured according to industry demand and supply. Private universities want students and dollars only. Investor is not concerned about unemployment but he becomes worry when there is quality talent shortage.

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If one student of university gets job in Microsoft the whole fields of students rush to get the very specialization and the result is disappointment among students. Countries providing quota on specific immigration and work permit, is also creating problem for transnational and multinational organization. Their quota limit is too short and is a severe hindrance in the way to global village. If the countries want to employ their own countrymen who as a whole can provide strong manpower into their own industry they have to train their people according to industry need. The problem arises when they prefer Asians due to low wage rate.

We have to learn from Israel which analyze their talent and tailor according to the attitude and aptitude of the students. This is the reason their students cross PhD level better than any other country. I know this task is difficult but not impossible. Under the umbrella of UN we can collect the data of skilled and non skilled man power of each country on continual and continuous basis. The data should be rigorous and complete. The independent authorities should verify the data. Each country’s Manpower Supplier Agency’s help or assistance is essential.

Latest software should be used for this purpose. It happens when a person is in hurry and is not finding a person to work; he can give anything to a freelancer because he has no option. When the data of each countryman is globalized our many unemployment problems can be. The talent hunt can become easy by this method.

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