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16th Apr, 2017

ManPower Selection in Nepal from Manpower’s Point of View

Landmark Manpower Solution is responsible No.1 Best Manpower Agency in Nepal. We always make every effort for excellence in service and trust in accomplishment. Our goal not only is to work for monetary success but also for the success of the people who have trust in us. So we have large number of clients and large candidate group. Manpower agency in Nepal is assisting foreign clients to get right candidate for the vacant post and Nepali candidate to find right employee.

Today we are living in a marketing era of the world. Everything is being made and served according to the potential human’s needs and wants and creation of new products are tailored according to the marketing philosophy. Asia and especially South Asia is the hub of man power supplier because of affordable and quality supply of technical and non technical labor.

To start or to expand the business of man power supplier, this article help us to understand the psyche of employee. What an employee wants is trust and confidence over the Man Power Supplier .As the business of man power supplier is increasing; the number of reported frauds is also increasing. After a long research this article is been written and qualitative research is used for this purpose.The data has been collected from Nepal because of easy availability and the data can be generalized to all the South Asian countries and where Man Power Supplier business is hot.

Reasons to Go Abroad:

Most of the employees want to go abroad because of low currency value. This is the point which is collected after research and is very interesting to know. Let’s suppose that the salary of the non-skilled employee is 1000 Dirham in Gulf and it is equivalent to 26000 rupees in Nepal. Whatever is the inflation rate in Nepal, it is definitely preferable to work outside Nepal because no one is going to give a layman 26000 rupees in Nepal and companies offer other fringe benefits which really motivate people to go outside for few years and start a small setup in their country.

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Others after few months coming back from abroad realize that it is better to return abroad. The semi skilled and skilled workers are offered better remuneration that cannot be offered in the developing countries because of low currency value. The Gulf countries are only giving their lowest possible salaries to the Asians, because One thousand Durham is like one for us in Nepal. It is a point to be pondered for Asian governments.

Important things to consider before selecting a Manpower Supplier?

There are two categories of employee’s .One is literate and the other is illiterate. We are calling this not because of formal education but also because of following the due course of research process required for going abroad. If we have to go out of the city, we normally contact several people and share their experiences regarding the travel. In this process, we are going to settle on a new home land. So, research is imperative in this case.

The first step of this process is to check the registration number of  Manpower agency in Nepal   companies. Copy the number and verify this registration number from your government’s website of overseas manpower. Usually companies have original registration number but all companies do not renew it every year. One can at least ask the companies why are they not registered .Renewal of registration requires fee and some companies avoid it. By following this step, you become sure that you are in safe hands and now you are talking with a correct person.

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There are reported cases where the registered person flew away with billions of money. One can check the reputation of related manpower from LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter and through local sources. One should give the passport and related documents and money only when fully satisfied with the person or company. It is not a bad option to take covert picture of the main dealer and note its ID number for future correspondence. Once we are lost, we say that if I had any clue about that person, I should have made him accountable, but the time had gone. There is no harm in doing such a prior research. It only helps in finding a clean person to be dealt in.

The most important step we follow is the dependence on over beloved ones for the selection of Manpower agency in Nepal. This is good but one should secretly follow these research processes because at the end it’s our life and it matters a lot to us.