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16th Apr, 2017

Manpower Agencies! Get Used To It. Build Better Working Community

After the Second World War, industrialization era started. There emerged a third force of human beings; the middle class and lower middle class. Today’s article is about that depressed and suppressed lower middle class. Labors and technicians constitute the major portion of the lower middle class. My point of view is to protect the rights of this class. Usually, companies ask manpower agencies in Nepal to give manpower at the lowest rate. Everyone wants the best at the least price. Well, it’s human psyche. But it is also human nature to take care of human beings.

My point of view is that the Asian manpower suppliers should make a cartel and show zero tolerance towards human safety and residence issues. If we all join, we can increase our respect in the eyes of the world. When manpower suppliers sign the labors, they should properly document the health and safety issues of labors and ensure their health. What we usually see in the gulf is that the residence of the labors is in pathetic condition.

Get Used to with Manpower Agencies in Nepal

We are living in the 21st century. We are claiming that we are a global village. What was gulf couple of decades before? The answer is a dessert only. The question is not who planned it but the question is who did it? The answer is laboring. Then the question arises what are you paying back to labors? This is the point that is in focus in this article. If someone agrees to this point, he/she may ask a question how we can help labors other than good salary.

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We can make a feedback mechanism for labors. If they feel something bad, they should report to their embassy or manpower supplier without troubling their job. Their job security should be ensured. We can make forums where non-skilled labors can be given skills training after their job hours. This creates work loyalty. Measures should be taken to increase their awareness of their human work rights. Some managers take the bonus from a company and don’t give to the labors. Some managers take work of ten hours which is two hours more than the standard rate and refuse to pay the extra work time. The uninformed and unnecessary firing of employees is also a serious offense nowadays for labors. Managers in order to impress the owners do this and sometimes are fired themselves due to the unknown reason. This is a serious issue. A person has to spend a lot of money, time and contributes so many things to go outside the country and he/she should be respected there.

The condition of labors is so bad that some labors don’t come back to the parent country even after years. They survive the very quality of food which Arabs can’t even smell. They make themselves habitual of the autocratic and mastery behavior of typical Arab people there. They definitely feel that this is not the teachings of their prophet. They were taught to be pleasant to all mankind. We can progress in a real sense by respecting each other and working for and with each other.


Landmark Hr Consultant as a responsible manpower supplier from Nepal urges everyone concerned to think about the discussed facts. They are facts and we cannot go on overlooking them for years. After all the employees are making this entire sector run and prosper.

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