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16th Apr, 2017

Remittance!! Are We Doing the Right Thing?

Use Remittance Well

As it has been seen in Nepal, running a country through remittances can be an easy way to move ahead. But what many seem not to grasp is that it comes with a price. According to data from manpower agencies in Nepal including Landmark Manpower Solution, every day, 1500 Nepalese fly out from Tribhuvan International Airport for  abroad jobs.

The decade-long Maoist insurgency was the turning point as it made large numbers of young people go abroad.  On top of that, the slow economic growth rate and rising unemployment has not made the situation any better. Staying in the country has become even more difficult and Nepalese youths are avoiding the country itself. This can be evident from number of youths that flock to Manpower Agencies in Nepal.

As per recent data, more than 61 percent of households are receiving some sort of remittance one way or the other in Nepal. The youths, when they don’t see any possibility in Nepal, fly abroad and become remittance senders. They are willing to be away from their families and ready to do the 3Ds (Dirty, Danger and Difficult) jobs, making Nepal one of the highest recipients of remittances. This has been specially true in countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar where reports of labor abuse have been rampant.

However, it is also true that, when people go abroad, the country profits hugely. The profit maybe short term and economical, but there are several things that go away as well. Primarily, there’s the Brain Drain issue. The country loses its skilled manpower and the host country benefits from a Brain Gain. Next is the Flow of Money, because it is not as if the host country invites them with open arms. The job seeker has to spend money to go abroad.

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Is remittance good way to develop a nation? The question is open for debate and yet many remain silent on the issue.

As one of the top manpower agencies in Nepal, Landmark Manpower Solution has been advocating for better conditions for Nepalese labor abroad and utilization of remittance in Nepal.