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16th Apr, 2017

Roles of Manpower Agencies is Markable in Present Context of Nepal

Manpower agencies in Nepal services are important ways of recruiting the manpower by all sizes and the companies. Everyone is making the use of services provided by the Manpower agency in Nepal whether it is multinational company or a small scale industry or a personal business.   But, There are many advantages that clients get from manpower Recruitment agencies in Nepal. The constant industrial growth is generating the large job vacancies all over the world. This has opened up multiple avenues to build a career in leaving the career seekers regarding which path to move ahead. Besides, even after choosing a particular career option, many people seem to be confused about finding the great profession. This is where the role of Manpower Agencies in Nepal comes up.

Acts as a Mediator:

Manpower Supplier agency’s consultant plays an important role in joining the job seekers and job providers.  As they have all the up to date communications with the companies hiring the employers.  Whenever there is a vacant post in the company, they receive the information about that and they will start to find the job seekers.  In this way, Hiring company will select the candidate according to the experience, education, and skills. Here, begins the Recruitment process.

The Recruitment Process:

The good manpower agency will give you the best recruitment process, usually the low quality of agencies do not have standard recruitment process. Common procedures which the top agencies follow are:

  • Head Hunting – Employment process begins with head hunting which agencies are best at it. They have best-skilled staffs who can recruit best and potential employees and employers.
  • Follow-up – When agencies select the best candidate, then follow up task begins and go for later process. They conduct the interview, help candidate to have a medical check. Then candidates are detailed about the follow-up process.
  • Provides feedback – Essential thing about top recruitment agencies is that they have up to date communications with the employers due to which they are able to provide all the feedback about the jobs. This helps to provide better performance of the recruiting company.
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Landmark Manpower Solution is government authorized recruiting agency in Nepal which is helping foreign clients to find the best candidates and candidates to find the best jobs. Thus, This role is very essential for both clients and candidates.