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16th Apr, 2017

Talent Shortage & How you can Fill the position

Currently the market of foreign employment has been hiring people without considering any skill levels, Though everyone will be employed, talent people with high level skills may end up getting jobs which they never wanted.

Market currently is facing with problems of not getting skill level manpower. The main problem with this is that agencies just hire people without considering one’s ability to perform different levels of jobs.

We highly devoted Manpower Agency in Nepal have been recruiting the semi-skilled and skilled manpower since our establishment.

So, what is the solution for you to land into these jobs? Read below for some of the tips and find out How you can Fill the position?

Mention your skill

Did you know that just by mentioning your skills at the document you provided you will be landing into jobs that you never expected, there are jobs of every kind. All sorts of jobs that you can assist with can be found in the foreign employment industry. Mention what you are good at, employers who are in need of your talent will find you through your documents and you will land up with what you are good at.

Be informed

Always be informed with what you are getting, agencies may try to fill the empty position but you have to be careful and make sure that you are getting what you wanted. Information regarding skills required, experience, knowledge in the field, consider everything before you act and land into that job. If you are not aware about the fact that you are getting something else, it will only hurt your motivation towards the job. So, please be informed and get all the necessary facts before you try out that job.

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Train yourself for that job

Train yourself for that job What an employer seek from you is skills required to get that job done. If you are one of those people who don’t have any skills please make sure that you have one. People with good level of skill can easily land into jobs in comparison to other people with no or few skills, before you seek for employment, train yourself for that job. Make sure you are informed about what you will be doing, increase skill levels by educating yourself from an institute or training agency which will help you achieve that skill level.

If you follow the tips mentioned above we are sure that you will be landing into a good job and make yourself happy with what you are doing.  For further more solutions and tips please contact us anytime you feel free. We are always ready to help you with all your queries and inquiries