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16th Apr, 2017

Spot a Bad Recruitment Agency, Be Smart and Choose Wisely

Landmark is the leading & highly recommended and one of the best recruitment agency in Nepal, it was established in 2008 under license no. is 762/064/065.

So, how do we know to spot a bad recruitment agency or know which agencies are bad and which agency is good while seeking foreign employment? Does it affect your career, will you have to suffer due to these agencies. Are there any ways on how do we find out which agencies have good reputation or not,

Check out below for some of the practices which bad agencies carry out and be safe while seeking foreign employment opportunities.

Few Tips to Spot a Bad Recruitment Agency, NOW!

Takes Unwanted Fees

Did you pay the recruitment agency unwanted fees which you considered unethical and they are just charging you for unknown reasons, If so please be careful on what you are being charged for, Due to lack of information such agencies charge you with huge amount of money and you may end up for paying nothing in return,

Make sure that you know what you are paying for, Ask for all receipts, information on what they charged you. These receipts, bills later may come in handy when you want your returns,

Providing lack of information

Agencies with no or little information about your job sector mean that the recruitment agency you are trying to involve with may be fraud. Agencies must be known about every information which you may need while seeking opportunities, if the agency is unable to provide you with all the information which you need in your working period then, consider exiting that agency. They will only charge you and later you may end up with something you never wanted.

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So, please be careful and only choose agencies which provides you with all the information about your Career opportunity.


Hope you will be careful next time and only choose agencies which can provide you with all the information, while posting for that job you wanted to involve with.

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