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19th Sep, 2017

Top 10 Manpower Recruitment Agency in Nepal

Manpower Supply From Nepal comes under Top 10 Leading Manpower Recruitment agencies in Nepal. It is known for the Top leading manpower recruiting agency because they have serving overseas companies and helping Nepalese for finding employment in overseas companies since 2001.

This company is well known for largest manpower recruiting agency in Nepal because, In a single year, they recruit more than thousands of manpower for the overseas companies. They do have very good reputation and network with foreign companies. Most of Gulf companies desire to recruit human resource from this agency. Getting a name in the related sector is a fame of organization or trust of people. Trustworthy Manpower supplier, help you from start to get your job abroad.

Why Manpower Supply list under Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Nepal:

The word top, best, leading are provided only to the Top and Best manpower Recruitment agencies in Nepal or either outside Nepal those who already built a great reputation among overseas companies and clients in Nepal. So, by having great reputation Manpower Supply From Nepal is known as Top Manpower Recruitment Agency in Nepal. Companies not only provide recruitment service to a recruiter but also give them training and lots of information they need while working out their native land. They guide their clients on their easy way and they never give them trouble.

Important Recruitment Guidelines and Information Provided by Manpower supply from Nepal for foreign Employment:

1. Documentation for Employment:

Manpower supply helps their clients to prepare documents for foreign employment. There lots of documents needed to be prepared like; a police report, academic certificate, experience letter, passport, photographs etc. Sometimes because of lack of documents recruiters get rejected by companies. So, for documentation very good guidance is needed.

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2. Foreign work Place Environment and Survival:

Nepalese are very decent, innocent and most of them even don’t have good knowledge of the foreign environment and because of it sometimes they get in trouble. Manpower Supply instructs them by providing good information about country rule and regulations and even working place environment temperature. There are lots of Nepalese died in Gulf country because of temperature and some of them in prison because of breaking law.

3. Overseas Orientation – Abhimukhikaran Talim:

Before going abroad each and every worker should take this training and if not they’re stopped at the airport because of it. This is done by the government of Nepal for caring their citizen. In this training, the trainer provides all basic information about surviving and working abroad. Manpower Supply even provides this training in their own agency.

4. Preparation of Interview:

The main part of getting a job is an interview. We can see most of the people scared of giving the interview because of their lacking confidence. Manpower supply helps their customer on their personal development and improving speaking skill. Finally, they prepare recruiter perfect for giving the perfect interview for their desire dream job.

5. Contract Letter and Registration in Labor Department of Nepal Government

For recruiter it’s very important to know about contract letter and registration in Labor Department, in contract paper there all details about employment and facilities provided eg; holidays, salary, bonus, insurance, housing and much more. Recruiter registration must be done in labor department of Nepal before departing to foreign place because that is a very risky thing and anything can happen there if registration not done.

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Above information illustrate that “Manpower Supply From Nepal” is a trustable effective Top Manpower recruitment agency among Top 10 manpower recruiting agencies in Nepal. Consult with this recruitment agency for your foreign dream career.