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20th Sep, 2017

Top Responsibilities of The Recruitment Agencies from Nepal

What do you understand by Recruitment Agency?

Simply, that agency who is recruiting or finding a human resource for employers known as the recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies from Nepal hire all kind of staff either skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled for growing overseas companies.

Some of the main Top Key Responsibilities must do and even be doing by Recruitment agencies from Nepal

In the sector of foreign employment and demands there is vital or top responsibilities of recruitment agencies in Nepal for recruiting. Perfect manpower recruitment in Nepal is only done due to the help of top recruitment companies in Nepal. Sometimes, staffing problem occurs due to bad recruiting agencies because that type of companies just aim to earn money with the wrong procedure so due to this activity companies and workers both face problems. Genuine one process all procedure in managed and proper way.

Keys and Responsibilities of Recruitment agencies from Nepal:

1. Recruiting Manpower for overseas Companies

The employer always searches recruitment agencies for recruiting staff for their organization because they simply don’t have got enough time to it because the recruitment procedure takes too much time and needing large quantity with perfect staff even could take more time, so in this field recruitment agencies play a vital role to fix these kind of problems.

2. Display Demands and Help to Job Searching Candidates

Recruitment agencies provide employment to job searching people only after demand is done by companies and when the demand of staff arise they notice that information on their own website or in the newspaper or other social advertising sites. Because of it, Automatically candidates those who’s perfect for jobs inquiry for the demands and recruitment process goes ahead.

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3. Documentation

While recruiting candidates some of the documents are required to get hired by companies, staffing agencies suggest recruiters to prepare all important documents like; Passport, Passport size photograph, police report, academic certificate and its attachments, experience certificate etc. After all when contract paper comes agency tell candidates to read it carefully to know details about their jobs and the facilities provided there. Recruitment agency guide till they don’t depart from their own native land.

4. Building good Relation among employee and employer

Finding out the report of the people whom staffing agencies send abroad for work is their key responsibility, either they are in trouble or in good condition. Some of the companies owners don’t treat their staff well and in that scenario, workers are in big trouble and manpower duty came there to take out their people from that problem. Having contact with companies owner for a knowing condition of people shows the family relationships among all worker, employer, and agencies.

5. Generating nation per capita Income

Since people working outside their country for generating more income national income is also increasing rapidly through remittance. The largest number of Nepalese workers from Gulf country are sending money through remittance and online banking and country are collecting a huge amount of revenue from there. It’s bad in hearing that our people were migrating from their native land to foreign for a job but looking towards generating income it seems to be best to migrate outside for better opportunities and income.


Recruitment agencies from Nepal seem very loyal to their people to whom with they do recruit business. Indirectly, the country also having benefits through recruitment agencies. The problems of poverty and unemployment are being reduced yearly due to the help of recruiting agencies in Nepal.