16th Apr, 2017

Understanding Free Visa Free Ticket Rules

Since last year, Nepalese Government has introduced a free visa free ticket rule for migrating workers from Nepal. This was done so as to curb the scamming manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal. As one of the best recruiting agencies in Nepal, Landmark HR Consultant supports this initiate but there are certain disadvantages as well.

Today, experts from Landmark HR Consultant, industry leaders among manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal help you understand what exactly the rules of free visa free ticket imply. This has been derived from a publication in The Kathmandu Post.

Understanding Free Visa Free Ticket Rules:

  • Who can benefit from the rule?

Only migrants going to work in seven countries—Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman— will be entitled to such scheme. An estimated 2.5 million Nepalese currently work in these seven countries.

  • What difference does this scheme make?

In fact it will make a huge difference. It will bring down the financial burden for migrant families by a huge margin—almost by 80 percent, according to some estimates.

  • Why is it controversial then?

Mainly because the government didn’t consult with the government of destination countries before introducing the scheme. It also failed to take manpower recruiting agencies in Nepal into confidence. It will be difficult to enforce this provision without the cooperation from labor receiving countries and manpower recruiting agencies in Nepal.

  • Will this reduce demand for Nepali workers?

It is likely to discourage employers of smaller companies to hire workers from Nepal. But the new rule does not make any big difference for big employers. Even if the demands fall, it won’t affect Nepal much as we have been able to supply only half of the total demand, according to government data.

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Landmark HR Consultant believes that manpower Recruiting Agencies in Nepal should have been taken into confidence. This has caused cold relationships between governments. This has also extended to foreign companies and manpower recruiting agencies in Nepal. While this initiative is a good one, some revisions are necessary at the very least.