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16th Apr, 2017

Effect of Entrepreneurship on Manpower Business

Economists tell us that the World’s wealth is limited and the resources are exiguous and we have to use it rationally. When we see the history of man’s development, i.e., when we look at the exponential growth of Europe’s economy of industrialization era. Then, we observe that entrepreneurship was at a peak. There was a shortage of skilled and semi skilled manpower. If there were no entrepreneurship, there would have been no middle class .When we look at the boom of world’s economy, we observe that investors take serious interest in their projects and mega projects always create maximum jobs for various categories relating to the project.

During the period of recent recession, we observed that investors took their money away from gulf and other fast growing economies. This created a strong setback for man power supplier business including our context of  Manpower supply from Nepal. People from high management to workers suffered a lot from this happening. During crisis, if banks support the projects there the shock of recession is not felt so violent. Banks of India and china helped the projects and that is why entrepreneurs carried on their way. This result was evident that world started to look at these two giant economies.

From the President Barack Obama’s state of the union speech 2013, we can infer that he realized the importance of creating jobs through entrepreneurship and training the future needs of skilled labor for entrepreneurs. He claimed that America is more favorable for entrepreneurs than china. He also claimed that America is now safe and they are promoting their own country’s economy. When a country’s own economy boost ups then she can think about importing manpower force. So, for the advancement of man power business, entrepreneurship is a compulsory formula.

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If we listen to the news, we always hear that representatives of two countries sign MOU for the promotion of business between the two countries. When I researched the reason of MOU’s not converting into genuine agreements, I found that countries are not favoring entrepreneurs. Some laws and red tapism is a great threat to entrepreneurship. Government does not track these MOU’s which results into the disqualification of projects in that country. There are still difficulties for investors in china. Investment in Saudi Arabia is also difficult. The reason of UAE success is tax exemption for entrepreneurs.

The psychology of entrepreneur is that he/she wants to minimize the possible risk. So, when the business plan satisfies them, they conduct feasibility and viability study. Investor friendly laws, transparency and rapid procedures help to start the business quickly.

There are examples that labors became successful in their small entrepreneurship effort in the migrated country and helped their country workers in their own business. So, business is the tree which gives the fruit of profit for itself and jobs for others. We should encourage the business activities to give more jobs to jobless. An entrepreneur at his late age said” he did not need to work now but he is continuing his work because many families are depending on his business”.