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16th Apr, 2017

Secrets of Finding a Right Recruitment Agency in Nepal

Recruitment agencies in Nepal act as a link between organizations in need of personnel, and individuals out searching for job locally and internationally. They explore the staffing needs from companies after which job seekers receive updates on the same in form of job adverts. It is hard to find the right recruitment agency in Nepal. Staffing companies are numerous, thanks to the high growth in technology.

The hunt for right manpower Recruitment Agency in Nepal calls for caution and networking. This is to ensure that either the client or job seeker gets the right partner to work with in regard to their unique needs. Most agencies operate online. They may require job seekers to register in order to access job updates. A variety of job types are offered ranging from casual to internships and volunteer-ship among others.

6 Helpful Tips in identifying the Right Recruitment Agency:

1. Determine Specific  Needs and Objectives

It is good to have clear idea of what   an individual or company wants to achieve.

Employers should have specific goals in regard to their staffing needs while the job seeker ought to have a set objective such as the nature of work and the target career path. This will be helpful in narrowing down to the best company to work with.

2. Conduct a Search for the Agencies.

It is easy to search using the internet. This could be done by using right key phrase and words such as “Recruitment or Staffing agency”.  For the best results, it is good to specify details such as location, industry and job type. It is upon the company or individual to screen the search results for the right match.

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It is also advisable for job seekers to ask recommendations from experts before settling down for any of them.

3. Research on the Specific Agencies.

After a successful search, it is wise to pick at least three agencies. Collect as much information as possible regarding their policies, services, job placement, and background, recruitment and career path.

For prospective employers, it is good to understand the agencies’ process of matching the right personnel for the company and pricing details.

Job seekers need to explore testimonials from previous satisfied customers.  In addition, it is wise to seek information on other offers such as training and interview couching because they provide skills and knowledge relevant in the job market.

4. Ask for References and Contact the Recruitment Agencies.

Making references from companies and individuals that the agency served in the past is essential. This is helpful in gauging the staffing agency’s reliability and communication trends.

It is also good to contact the agency.  Job seekers may require to register in order to view the vacancies.

Contacting their customer support will shed more light on how the agency works and how to post or apply for a job through it.  In this way one is able to observe the good trends that describe a right recruitment agency. 

5. Analyze Prices and Compensation Offered

An agency that offers very low or extremely high prices for their services may not be the ideal ones to work with.  For employers, it is good to shop around for staffing agencies that offer quality personnel at a reasonable price.

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As Great agencies offer compensation depending on the market value of services. Also it is wise to inquire on price and compensation to ensure that the unique, varying needs are addressed and a lasting working relationship is established.

6. Compliance with the legal Standards and Requirements

Every country has its unique work laws and rules governing Recruitment Agencies.

A great recruitment agency should be compliant with local laws regarding manpower. Other agencies provide manpower solutions to foreign employment sector. Such are required to be members of Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies(NAFEA)

An agency which is approved and licensed is the best to deal with.

The employment sector is growing at a very high rate in Nepal and different countries. This has seen the development of recruitment agencies connecting the prospective employer to the right skills and talent from job seekers.  Thus, The above mentioned secrets will help in identifying a right recruitment agency in Nepal for both organizations and individuals looking for all forms of employment and manpower solutions.