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19th Jul, 2022

Key points to consider while hiring a foreign employee

There are many things to consider while hiring an employee. So how do you hire the right person? Once you have them working, how can you get the most out of them? Although small businesses may feel they have limited resources and don’t have time to address employment issues, it is possible to make your business more productive and avoid costly and lengthy tribunal hearings. Here are some things to think about before hiring an employee.

Consider these 10 key points when you are looking to hire a foreign employees

1. Employee Compliantly

You must be able to employ foreign workers according to their country’s employment laws. You must consider income tax, social contributions, maximum working hours, mandatory paid leave, and other important factors when hiring overseas workers.

2. Know where your employees are based

Foreign workers can be employed by your company. To ensure compliance and to allow your workers to work where they are, you need to know their location. It is easy to do this by adding a tick box question to a starter form.

3. Respect public holidays

Workers who work abroad have the right to take paid leave for public holidays in their country of residence. This will ensure that you comply with the law and show your appreciation for your team’s cultural backgrounds. This is a great method to build a sense of belonging in your team and keep foreign employees.

4. Hiring costs

It could be a cost-saving move to hire foreign workers, depending on what role you are looking for and what the pay scale is. Hiring costs will be lowered as compared with others.

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5. Diversity in your company

Due to their culture, work experience, and personal life experiences, foreign employees bring unique skills and perspectives to your company. This variety may be necessary to enrich the company’s diversity.  When we hire an employee from a foreign they will bring diversity to our organization.

6. Opportunities for expansion and connections

A worker from another country may be a good choice if your goal is to expand your market reach. An employee from another country can provide you with firsthand knowledge about the country and any market gaps. Their business connections may prove to be valuable in your expansion.

7. Get a job contract

Written documentation is better than oral. Employers are required to give most employees their contracts within two months after they start work. This must include details such as the terms of pay, holidays, working hours and other important information.

8. Starting on the right foot, inducation and training

Recruits can be settled quickly by making sure they are familiar with their job, their colleagues, and the workplace. Training must be a priority. Training is especially important for line managers to help develop their employees.  Right training makes employees more productive which helps us to achieve organizational goals.

9. The importance of having work experience

Your work experience could be the most important thing you consider for specific jobs in your company. Particular skills, such as the ability to answer busy phone lines or handle accounts, are essential for certain positions. Although work experience may not be necessary for certain positions, it is a good idea to have strong work background as it shows a strong work ethic.

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10. Communicate

Employees should be able to understand their work, the business, and its products or service offerings. Employees need to be aware of the terms and conditions of employment, grievance procedures, as well as how they perform in their jobs. Communication is the key to success. Communication is also important in giving employees control of their work and increasing employee commitment to the organization.