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16th Apr, 2017

Recruitment Process A-Z

Landmark Manpower Solution is a premier manpower supply agency from Nepal. In last decade, we have sent hundreds of thousands of Nepalese manpower for foreign employment and hence remittance. We are industry leaders among the manpower supply agencies from Nepal when it comes to recruiting manpower for companies in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.
As a manpower supply agency from Nepal, Landmark Manpower Solution works closely with the foreign companies that require any level of manpower. By our dedicated service and rigorous selection process, we have become the most trusted among Manpower supply agencies from Nepal for any foreign company.

Enquiry From Foreign Company for Recruiting Manpower From Nepal

Foreign companies place an enquiry with us for Manpower recruitment from Nepal.

Enquiry normally contains:

  • Required No. of candidates
  • Job Description
  • Basic Qualification & Experience
  • Salary
  • Duty hours
  • Over time
  • Food Allowances
  • Accommodation
  • Contract Period

Candidate search

On the basis of the information provided by the company, manpower agency from Nepal will start an informal enquiry for similar candidates in the database of job seekers. All agents of Landmark Manpower Solution spread over Nepal are also informed regarding the requirements placed

Client Company Documentation

The Client Company provides us with following sets of documents:

  • Demand Letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • Employment Contract
  • Inter Party Agreement
  • Guarantee Letter

Approval From Government of Nepal

The original set of documents is needed by the Department of Labor, Government of Nepal to issue pre-approval of the manpower recruitment process.


After the pre-approval being provided, the demand is published in the National Daily newspaper of Nepal with all pertinent information. This is a call for action to all interested candidates to contact manpower supply agency from Nepal which provided the advertisement.

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Selection, Visa and Departure

Most suitable candidates are selected among the provided applications. Selection is sometimes done solely by manpower supply agencies from Nepal or with collaboration from a representative of Client Company. Then there is the approval of visa, medical tests and final departure for a new job in foreign companies.