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16th Apr, 2017

Tips to Help You Have a Successful Interview

In this 21st century, there is a high competition in the job market.  Inflation and other economic problems in Nepal have led to flooding in the labor market. Recruitment agencies in Nepal conduct the primary recruitment process including interviews for most local and foreign companies. The manpower agencies receive numerous job applications. Interviews makes narrow down to the right person.

The interview process may be tasking for many.  So, there is always tension and fear of failing. Here we are providing some tips;

The following are tips to help you have a successful interview

1. Prepare Adequately and Properly

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  It is good to plan on all aspects of the interview. So, there is need for prior research on any information relevant to the job.  Thus, rehearsals and practice especially on probable questions and answers is helpful.

2. Practice Again and Again

Practice makes perfect.  There is no harm in projecting an interview scenario. There are always a huge number of job seekers. This is an indication that one has to go an extra mile to win the job. Formulate questions and answers related to the job. Always look for ways to address anticipated concerns form the interviewer. This will boost your confidence when answering questions. Similarly, practice your mode of presentation, communication skills and posture time and again.

3. Dress appropriately to create a good First Impression.

Every job has an appropriate mode of addressing. Whether you are attending an interview for an office job or any other like carpentry, it is wise to wear decent outfits as per the nature of the work.

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This creates a good first impression on the panel of interviewers hence promoting the chances of getting the job. In addition, walk confidently and communicate well especially using your body language. This makes one stand out from the rest.

4. Engage in self-promotion and be Assertive.

Do not be shy from exposing your strengths and unique selling points in a clear and assertive way. Some aspects cannot be known to others if you do not talk about them. Explain your exceptional skills, capabilities, expertise, achievements and experiences. If you have hobbies and interests which are relevant to the job, make it know during the interview. Then, it will be an advantage on your part over the other candidates.

5. Be Optimistic and Enthusiastic

The air in an interview room tends to be full of tension and uncertainty. Be positive in your thinking and expression.  The interviewer might ask you about some unpleasant experiences you ever had, smile and look on the positive side. Show your interest in taking the job by asking questions about the company. Close the interview on a high note. Let them know how happy you are for the chance to attend the interview.

The above tips will contribute to your success in the interview. However, manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal offer assistance on the same manner too. Also, these points equip individuals with knowledge and confidence on how to stand out among other job seekers in Nepal and beyond.